Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hoT & coLd

You change your mind
like a girl
changes clothes
yeah you
like a bitch
i would know
and you over think
always speak
i should know
that your not good for me

c/o cause you're hot then you're cold
you're yes then you're no
you're in then you're out
you're up and your down
you're wrong when its right
its black and its white
we fight we break up
we kiss we make up

(you)you dont really want to stay( no )
(but you)but you dont really want to go ( oh )
hot and your cold
your yes then your no
your in then your out
your up and your down

we used to be
just like twins
so in sync
the same energy
nows a dead
used to laugh
bout nothing
now your plain
i should know
that your not
gonna change


call the doctor
got a case of the
love bi-polar
stuck on a
roller coaster
cant get off
this ride

you change your mind
like a girl changes



  1. mcm taw je lagu ni kat sape.. mmg kene sgt laa.
    well, wut can i say.laki mmg cpt berubah perasan.perasan yg disimpan dalam ms 4 tahun boleh bertukar tak sampai 4 minggu.aku pun penah kene.looks on d bright side,that's wut make us stronger rite?n find a better person.i found mine :).n that took me 2 years to recover from my previous ex.baru la blh terima org baru.so im sure u'll find urs :)
    ko taw,ex aku dulu mcm tu jugak.pastu skang aku dgr cite dh 5-6 gf satu pun tak kekal.3-4bln kapel putus.pastu skang dgr cite maintain single.dgn aku gak paleng lama.hahaha.puas ati aku.nk sgt berubah.hamekk! muwahahaha
    saje share :p

  2. to kerry: glad to hear yg ko da jmpa sum1..hope korg berkekalan smpai kawen ye...sume yg terjadi kan ada hikmahnye...if u took 2years utk recover aku plak xtaula how many years..hope sebulan jek..huhuh!!

    to afrina:
    anda ske ke..jom karok!! haha